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Raphael Becker a.k.a “Rafa”

Rafa has been passionateabout golf from a very young age.

This Brazilian native won theBrazilian Junior Golf Championship twice, and the under 17 Faldo Series eventin Brazil. These wins took him to Wichita College, where he played for the teamwho won the Missouri Valley Conference title in each of his college years.After turning Pro in 2013, Rafa achieved his first professional win in 2014 athis homeland at the Aberto do Brazil Tournament.

With his dedication of continuous improvement,Rafa is going to be adding a lot more wins to his career. Rafa Becker has beenan outstanding Ambassador for Sligo and we are proud to have him represent ourbrand. He is currently playing on the Korn Ferry Tour.

Joshua Seale

Bornin Uganda but living in Florida today, Joshua was recently given therecognition as a naturalized Uganda professional golfer. He discovered hispassion for the sport at age 10 and has never stopped practicing to perfect hisgame since!

Since turning Pro in 2013, he has won 12 pro events with his largestaccomplishment win in the 2016 Uganda Open.

Joshua will be playing Challenge + European Tournaments this 2021 season.

His absolute goal is to reach the PGA Tour and represent his country the bestway possible.

Willy Pumarol

Willy has been rocking theSligo brand for 9 years and has been a true champion for our brand.

Playing golf has always been a natural talent for him, which he started at young age of 3.  Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Willy moved to the United States when he received a scholarship from BarryUniversity where he played 4 years under the instruction of Jimmy Stobs. 

After turning Pro in 2011,he has since played in 99 events, of which he finished 3rd in 2019and five times in the top 10.

Splitting his time between his heritage land and his residence in Florida,Willy gets the amazing opportunity to play on some of the best golf courses toperfect his game.

Steve LeBrun

At 10 years old, Steve’s dad would take the family out to hit some balls for fun and he got instantly hooked.

Growing up he tested the waters of playing other sports like baseball, but nothing seemed to compare to the passion he felt for golf. He knew where he had to place his focus.

2012 was a banner year for Steve where he made the PGA Tour at Q-School and qualified for the US Open. Making the cut for the Open was a highlight for his career.

What does Steve think about when he is standing over the ball? As little as possible – “Just get it in the hole” he says to himself.

Paul Park

Born and raised in NewJersey, Paul Park started golf at 8 years old and got a good head start on his peers competing against PGA Tour member Morgan Hoffman.  Paul turned pro in 2011 but before pursuing golf, he decided to take 4 years off and become an investment banker at a small firm in California.

Paul currently plays on the Latin America PGA Tour and was on the Mackenzie PGATour 2 years prior.

Mikel Martinson

This easy-going Texan got his first hole-in-one at the young age of 7, with his driver, which was a prelude to what his passion would become. 

A former Caddie whose dream was to play on the Korn Ferry Tour came true in January 2020. 

Mikel turned pro in 2008at age 24 and currently plays on the Korn Ferry Tour.

A "Jack-of-All-Trades" when it comes to any sport, but when Mikel se this focus on golf, there was no stopping him or what he would accomplish.